Are these web design elements helping or hindering your conversion?

We all know that trends come and go over time, but with web design, it is equally important that technological advancements and innovation aren’t being implemented to the detriment of practical usability.

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Call to action

Prompting your users to interact with your site is, of course, very important, which is why every call to action should be visible and easy to complete. Users must always know exactly what to expect when following your clearly identified customer journey, and this eConsultancy article highlights some successful uses of calls to action.

Search functionality

Implementing a site search feature will always be helpful to your audience, but make sure you don’t then miscategorise your products, services or information. When your user takes the time to search for something specific, they don’t want to have to filter through erroneous items that aren’t applicable to their search query. Site searches are supposed to make the customer’s life easier, so don’t complicate it.

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High quality imagery

The proliferation of online shopping means that users now expect clear, quality imagery on every website. The option to zoom in to view something in even greater detail is the next best thing to seeing something in person, so this feature can help convert customer interest into a purchase. An over-reliance on stock photography decreases your authenticity, whereas investing in imagery specifically for your business demonstrates confidence in your brand and your products or services.

Design with a purpose

If cool new features don’t fit with your brand or serve a clear purpose, why would you invest time integrating them into your design, when you could be focusing your attention elsewhere? iGOweb (, who specialise in web design in South Devon, recommend that your website maintains a good balance between technological innovation and practical usability.


Clearly communicating your story and your values is important, but if you want your audience to read your carefully curated copy, breaking up large blocks of content with relevant imagery, short bullet points and plenty of subtitles will ensure everything remains easily digestible. Don’t make your customers jump through multiple hoops or wade through large blocks of longform text, only for them to realise it hasn’t helped them to locate the information they want about your business and your products or services.

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