Most Popular Bathtub Styles

If you’re a bath time connoisseur who loves nothing better than a hot, bubbly soak after a long day then you probably dream of a luxurious and exotic tub. If you’ve decided it’s time to revamp the bathing in your home, here are some of the most popular tub styles available:

  1. The Alcove

Sitting in an alcove, this tub is also known as the 3-wall bathtub. It is one of the most common and practical tubs available, looking great and being highly functional with available space. They offer convenience more than luxury and usually have a showerhead set up at the top end. They are an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms, apartments, flats or anywhere that space is a bit tight. They are economical, easily decorated to look more high-end and low maintenance.

  1. The Claw-Foot

For something with a little more elegance and form, a claw-foot tub is the real deal in bathroom luxury. These tubs have a beautiful vintage look with gently curvaceous high sides and intricately designed feet. Similar to a free-standing tub in that it is best with plenty of space around it for cleaning accessibility, but the feet are the stand-out feature for a really romantic look. Great for period bathrooms, they also offer deep relaxing baths due to the high sides. They are quite décor-specific and lack some useful storage space though. For your perfect tub, think about Bathroom Suites Northern Ireland from


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  1. The Corner

These tubs are great for versatility and can mean being able to fit a tub into a room where you didn’t think it was possible. They can come in a triangle shape or raised on a platform to make even more of a focal point. Only two walls are required for this type of bath, giving you more options than with an alcove tub. They make great use of awkward corner spaces and can be glass-enclosed for privacy.

  1. The Freestanding

For larger bathrooms, a freestanding tub provides a stunning centre piece. Visually stimulating, they come in a variety of materials and shapes with metal or chrome faucets to stand out as an accent. They can be vintage chic or stylishly contemporary. One consideration must be the weight of a freestanding tub on the floor over time. They are extremely heavy and can cause some inadequate flooring to buckle over time.

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  1. The Drop-in

These baths can also be called deck-mounted or platform tubs and feature a rim that sits flush with the platform, deck or flooring it is set in. This design is often seen in hot tubs. They offer a real luxurious and high-end aesthetic, having deep tubs for ultimate relaxation. They can be trickier to get in and out of, so might not be suitable for those with limited mobility or children.

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