Making Space – What would you do if you can add an extra room to your home?

We could all probably do with adding extra room to our homes – there are many ways in which you can do this. One of the ways gaining popularity is a garden room. A room that is completely separate from the rest of the house, but offers valuable indoor space, without having to go through the hassle of moving house is a great idea for a number of reasons – take a look at . If you keep a room apart from the house, it adds that ‘extra dimension’ – it is somewhere to go when someone wants a bit of alone time, or maybe space to pursue a hobby. Here are a few great uses for a new garden room:

  • Playroom – If you have a growing family, you will know all too well that it can be tricky to find the space for everything. Giving the kids a designated playroom, is a great idea – a garden room is a good for this as they can make a lot more noise in the garden than they can inside the main house! Also in the summer, open the doors up and they will have access to and from the garden – acting as a sort of giant Wendy house!


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  • Hobby Room – Yes this sounds vague, but it is great use for all sorts of hobbies – if you like to read, and don’t want distracted it makes a lovely little den – you can house books and make your own library – a haven of peace and quiet! Maybe you have a noisier hobby, like playing a musical instrument, it makes the ideal studio to practice in. An art studio is another great use for the room – if you have a pretty garden you may find it a source of inspiration!
  • Bar and Games Room – Every big boys dream! This is the ideal place to create your own lads’ area – hang a few optics on the walls, put up a dartboard, and you have your very own man cave! The best thing about this is if you have garden parties, it can be opened up and act as a garden bar, or a room where guests can go to get out of the sun (or more likely in Britain the rain!)


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  • Home Office – If you work from home, it is the ideal place to have a home office. Away from the rest of the house, you will be able to keep your work and family time separate much more easily than you would if you were working inside the house where the two things can often get in the way of each other! It makes it easier to be much more disciplined with working from home if you have a separate space to go to, and if you have kids, it can double up as a homework area in the evenings – giving them somewhere to work in peace.
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