Make Sure You Avoid these Outfit Mistakes at Your Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is a time-honoured festive tradition. Whether you love or loathe them, they are an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and relax after all the year’s hard work. However, although you are in a party environment, it is still important to be able to look your colleagues in the eye the next day! We have all heard the horror stories of when a colleague or two becomes either too tipsy, outspoken, or unsteady on their feet to keep a dignified professional image!


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One of the best ways to ensure you make a relaxed and festive impression that is still professional is with your clothing. We take a look at some of the outfit mistakes to avoid when attending Christmas corporate events.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Foot pain can instantly ruin a night. There are many beautiful low to mid heel shoes that are perfect for a night out and still comfortable to walk in. Don’t be tempted to wear sky-high heels if you are not used to walking in them, for example. Travelling by taxi with a few friends can be a good option to minimise walking. Be sure to check that your taxi is safe and registered too.

Going too Revealing

A glimpse of collarbone, shoulder or lower leg can be very attractive and chic, but ultra-revealing clothing that exposes lots of cleavage or is made from sheer material can be inappropriate. In a nightclub setting or amongst friends, there is nothing wrong with wearing whatever you are comfortable in. But Christmas corporate work nights out should still largely be considered a professional environment.

Clothing that is too Short

It may be tempting to reach for more daring hemlines during the festive season, but amongst professional colleagues it may not be the best choice. Staying comfortable all night and being able to move without fear of a wardrobe malfunction is important. Getting in and out of taxis, sitting and standing to return to the buffet, and hitting the dance floor all need a hemline that you are not scared will ride up. Longer hemlines can still be chic and sexy, with a professional edge too.

With a bit of thought and forward planning, you can select an outfit that is festive, chic, and reflects your personal style while still staying professional.

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