If a “Jobs” worth doing then Steve will do it right.

An innovator and brilliant businessman Steven Jobs represented one of the leading lights of the change from the industrial to the digital age. He was the co-Founder of the giant Apple Inc which has brought us the AppleMac computer plus the ipod and iphone and in a world dominated by technology Apple is one of the leading players. It is down to him that IT Support Cheltenham companies work hard to ensure that your systems are all set up and running smoothly on a daily basis. When you consider the life that Jobs led before meeting his fellow co-Founder Steve Wozniak it seems strange that he ever reached the heights that he did at all.

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Jobs was adopted. He was raised in San Francisco which took him away from a life in Syria that awaited him but his mother moved to San Francisco away from the country and his biological father. His mother chose Paul and Clara Jobs as they were honest and god fearing to be his parents but changed her mind when she found out that neither had attended college. The Jobs swore they would make sure that Steven would and his biological Mother relented.

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The young Steve was built a work bench by his adoptive Dad. He appreciated his father’s skill and admired the fact he could make anything out of anything. It was this inventiveness that inspired Steve to look into electronics and used it as a way to compensate from his inability to make friends. Jobs was not the model student by any means and got into a lot of trouble at school with his rebellious nature.  His parents were patient recognising that it was that Jobs was unchallenged at school and thoroughly bored by it all that he was inspired to misbehave.

It took the vision of his fourth grade teacher offering him money to complete work to get him to settle down and apply himself. He was actually advanced skipping grades to go above his age group but this isolated the youngster his work and mental health began to suffer. Scrimping and saving, family managed to buy a home in a better area allowing the young Jobs the chance of a better school.

This was an area for engineering families and Jobs thrived. He asked Bill Hewlett (a founder of the Hewlett-Packard Empire) for a job and duly got one at the age of just 13. He was thought off an oddball at school but a chance meeting between him and an 18 year old electronics genius called Steve Wozniak would ensure that the world of commercial computing would be forever changed.

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