How to Wear Neutral Clothes

Whether you want to go full neutral or simply add some natural tones to your overall look, neutrals are something that everyone needs in their wardrobe. If you’re not sure how to wear these soft natural tones, take a look at our style guide that will ensure you are on trend.

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Know Your Neutrals

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Neutrals are anything but boring, and they are incredibly versatile too. Knowing what different neutrals are available makes them easier to add to your wardrobe, so you keep your eyes peeled for black, grey, navy, brown, khaki, camel, tan, white and cream and every shade in between these. Neutrals are great, as they can be on the light or dark side, and several different shades of the same hue can even be worn together.

Contrast with White

White and another darker neutral colour can contrast beautifully and create an eye-catching ensemble that doesn’t need to be as way out as what you’d see at Fashion Week but still makes a statement. White is a great base to work from, as it adds a crisp and clean dimension to any look.

Maximise and Minimise

If you like wearing maxi dresses that feature a neutral pattern, pair them with a bold plain-coloured neutral jacket or cardigan to add something extra. Long dresses in plain colours can also be jazzed up by a duster coat in a different neutral shade. If you prefer short dresses, try mixing and matching neutral accessories that suit the style you are going for.

Don’t Forget Metallics

If you shop online at AX Paris for maxi dresses and want to add some accessories to your new wardrobe, remember that metallic is also a neutral colour. Pewter, silver, gold, bronze and any other metallic hue can be perfectly incorporated and can also change a dress’s look from casual to semi-casual or even smart very quickly.

Stick to the Rule of Three

With neutrals, a great rule to observe is to stick to three. This means that you choose three neutrals and work with them rather than going overboard. Part of the appeal of neutrals is that they are simple, so they should encourage simple, stylish dressing. The three don’t have to be the same hue, but try to avoid overdoing it and stick to a classic colour palette.

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