Glam it up!

Vintage glam is all the rage at the moment and if your home is feeling a little tired or drab then why not liven thing up a bit with some serious glamour touches? Whether you’re considering a complete redesign or just adding some subtle additions, you can totally transform a room with some easy to do ideas.

Luxury and glamour work very well in a bathroom. What better place to relax in a bubble bath and surround yourself with sumptuous accessories and fittings? Give yourself a touch of Hollywood with gold and vintage style mirrors, glass bottles and beautiful tiling. Cast Iron Baths also give a bathroom a real vintage look and feel.

Metallics like gold and silver are a simple way of adding glamour to a space. Items like lampshades, picture frames, perfume bottles and ornate jewellery holders will look great in a bedroom. Light and dark contrasts create dramatic combinations and adding vintage décor will give you a romantic, classic feel. A vintage chandelier virtually shouts glam and star appeal and to make the best impression they are best suited to large spaces or entry halls with high ceilings.

Luxury wallpaper can instantly transform a room into an opulent space. Ornate florals and damasks work well paired with velvet furniture and exude an air of country manor house. Be mindful of space as a small room might be overwhelmed by too much decoration and could look fussy. A few, well-placed accessories will give a better impression in a smaller space. Mirrors are  a quick way to achieve amazing results, whether it’s a large, single vintage-inspired mirror or lots of little ones scattered around.

How to make an old table vintage glam? Do you have an old dressing table that you’ve been thinking about throwing out? Well, think again as there are loads of ways of turning into a totally glamourous centrepiece. The days of the walk-in wardrobe have taken something away from the romance of the bedroom and many people now hark back to having a 1920’s or 1950’s retro glam dresser in the bedroom. There are plenty of online tutorials providing step-by-step guides on how to go about this or you can seek the help of a professional.

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If you’re looking for vanity items to complete the look, then consider some 1920’s art deco accessories made from bakelite and celluloid. Vintage perfume bottles, a brush and mirror set and a gorgeous free standing mirror will completely transform your old piece of furniture and you’ll be so glad that you didn’t send it to the landfill site.

If all this sounds a little daunting then you don’t have to upcycle the whole piece of furniture but consider painting the drawers and replacing the handles with something a bit more glam. Used wallpaper samples to line the drawers and gold or silver handles will breathe new life into a much loved old dressing table.

If you do end up catching the upcycling bug then it’s a very rewarding hobby. Look for well-made, solid pieces and try to think outside the box, for example, a drawer could become a shelf etc. Ignore it’s current condition as you can change that and if you see something you fall in love with, grab it before it’s gone forever!

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