6 interior design ideas for older people

As you get older, some things that may have looked nice in your home just aren’t practical for your living arrangements anymore. There are still plenty of other ways to make your house a home, without having to worry about the possibility of accidents occurring.

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According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), one of the biggest contributors to falls inside the home is slippery floors. Improving the flooring in your home can greatly reduce the risk of slips and trips. Floors should be made slip resistant, whilst any mats or rugs should have non-skid grips to prevent them from lifting or shifting.

Accident-Proof Stairs

Managing the stairs can prove quite difficult for older people and so handrails are a must. Ideally fit them on both sides, if possible, to make accidents less likely. Having a well-lit staircase is also a good way of staying safe. The same goes for other areas of the home which may be dark enough for falls and bumps to occur. Make sure the lighting is easily accessible when you are entering a room so you are not rooting around furniture trying to reach it.

Safe Bathing

The first step to eliminate accidents in the bathroom is installing grab bars to make getting in and out of the bath easier. You could also get a bath seat fitted which gives you a helping hand and means you’re less likely to struggle getting out. Having a shower is safer than getting in and out of a bath, but having a grab bar is also an advantage. You can even install them near the toilet to make standing up much easier. Scalds and burns in the bathroom can be dangerous, so getting a single tap can help stop burns with a double fitting.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, making lots of home improvements can be daunting and so comes the idea of granny annexes. Companies such as create bespoke living areas which take care of all of the safeguarding issues that living in your own home can create. It’s a simple way of ensuring there are no accidents waiting to happen, while still having your own personalised space.

Getting older can sometimes mean you need to change your living arrangements, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still feel like your home.

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