Getting down below with Moles

You can easily tell when you have a mole in your lawn  or garden. All of a sudden little hills of earth start to make an appearance. Though you will probably never see the culprit there is a vague chance that you might be able to find the reason for it popping its head out, you have a mole.

The appearance of a mole is no joking matter. As amusing as they are they can do an extreme amount of damage to your garden. Don’t be afraid to give a Pest Control Chelmsford based firm a call. This Pest Control Chelmsford Kent area based firm is one of the best for dealing with issues. What do we know about moles?

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In Europe our moles are quite small. Measuring at to 4.4 inches to 6.25. The North American’s are much larger being some 2 inches more. You will find Moles popping up all over the world with the exception of Antarctica and South America. They will happily live in any environment that allows them to dig tunnels. They love partial woodland and sand but it is the tilled soil of the garden they like the best as it is easier to push through.

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Moles are solitary creatures enjoying their own company in their series of tunnels. One interesting fact about them is that they love to store food in their own little kitchen. They have been known to store up to four hundred worms at a time in a selected part of their tunnels.

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