Brick v wood – which is the best garage for you?

A garage is a vital and sought-after additional space, whether you intend to use it to store your car, work on your bike or pursue a hobby. Traditionally, homeowners would use a garage to store their vehicles and bikes; now, more and more of us use our garages for all sorts of reasons, from extra secure storage for household items and gardening equipment to home gyms and workshops.

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What options are available in garage construction materials?

If you are considering building a new garage or replacing an existing one, you have several options available to you. These range from timber-framed, open-sided carports to brick structures or oak garages.

What do you need to consider when choosing your garage?

Your garage should complement your home and its surroundings. You will also want to consider sustainability and the impact on the environment of your construction materials. How well the construction will perform in keeping the temperature stable and the garage free of condensation is another consideration to prevent damage to vehicles and other stored items.

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What are the benefits of a timber garage?

Timber garages, which are available from specialists such as oak garages from Timberpride, will complement all styles of property, from a small country cottage to a larger town house and everything in between. They will either blend into the existing natural surroundings and architecture or provide a statement if you are looking for a more modern addition to your property.

Oak is not only attractive but also sustainable and eco-friendly in a way that new brick can never be. It is carbon-neutral and has natural insulating properties. On a practical level, a timber garage is likely to suffer less from condensation than a brick or concrete structure, making it especially suitable if you are looking to use your garage for storage. Timber-framed garages are especially popular with classic car owners for this reason.

Building a garage is likely to increase the value of your property, as secure, covered storage and parking is sought-after. This is particularly the case if the garage is of an attractive timber design that will attract buyers.

Unlike brick, it may be possible to take a timber garage with you if you move to a new home, making it the ultimate adaptable structure.

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