Five Types of Lawnmower

Mowing the lawn is an essential job for most gardeners. To make the job an enjoyable part of your gardening routine it is important to choose the right lawn mower for your garden. Read on to find out which type of lawn mower is best for you.

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In Britain we are proud of our lush green lawns, even to the extent of having a national ‘best lawn’ competition: .

1. Electric Lawnmowers

These mowers are powered by electricity, either from a cable or a battery. They are a good option for small to medium-sized lawns because they are easy to push around any flower borders and other obstacles. Electric lawnmowers are available in a range of sizes and can be compact for storage.

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2. Push Lawnmowers

Push lawnmowers do not rely on any external power source. This makes them a low-cost option over their lifetime. The grass is cut by blades in a cylinder which revolves when you push the mower. The cutting height can usually be adjusted. They may not be suitable for larger lawns.

3. Ride-on Lawnmowers

These powerful lawnmowers are for large areas. The person mowing the lawn sits on the lawnmower and drives it around the area to be mowed. The lawnmowers are more expensive and need a large storage space.

4. Petrol Lawnmowers

Petrol mowers can be used over a wider area than most electric lawnmowers because no cable is required. This makes them good for large gardens and for using on hard-to-access areas such as verges. The mower is powered by petrol.

5. Self-Propelled Lawnmowers

These lawnmowers can be powered by either electricity or petrol. The difference between a self-propelled lawnmower and a standard lawnmower is that the self-propelled mower only needs to be guided in the right direction – not pushed. This can be useful for those with limited physical strength.

Once you have your lawnmower it is important to keep it well maintained to get the best from it. A new blade can make all the difference to a mower’s cutting performance, and spare parts are available for most mowers, even including a new engine if required. For Briggs and Stratton parts check out sites such as .

A beautifully mown lawn will set off your garden planting and landscaping perfectly.


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