Check Out Banksy’s Best Graffiti Artwork

Banksy is a well-known graffiti artist in Bristol, not for himself, but more for his outstanding graffiti artwork. Being an anonymous graffiti artist, Banksy’s identity has been speculated on many different occasions, but is still unknown; he wants members of the public to appreciate his artwork rather than him as a person. He was born in Bristol in 1974 and became involved with graffiti art in the early ’90s, he has since become one of the most well-known artists in the UK. Banksy’s work really influenced the art and graffiti scene in Bristol and is today known for its range of graffiti art on the buildings. If you live in Bristol and are keen to get involved in an artistic hobby, then why not get a garage, and a garage door fitted to your house to make a hobby room? you might want to get in touch with a Garage Doors Bristol company who can supply and fit great quality garage doors. There are many Garage Doors Bristol based companies who can provide and fit a garage door for your home. If you are a fan of street art, then you will definitely want to check out these graffiti art pieces done by a wide range of artists in Bristol.

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Girl With A Balloon 

This artwork depicts a young girl reaching out to a heart-shaped balloon, and this is done by using stencils; this graffiti artwork was created in 2002 and is known as one of Banksy’s most popular art pieces. This artwork has many different meanings, one being the loss of hope and innocence for the young child, or can be seen as a girl that catches the balloon, which represents her hopes and dreams.

Well Hung Lover 

This can be spotted on a wall in Frogmore street in Bristol, which can be overlooked on Park Street; this art piece depicts a man hanging from a window, whilst trying to not be seen by a man looking out, and a lady dressed in underwear is stood just behind the man. Sadly the artwork has been defaced a few times, in which you can see blue paint splats from a paint gun. This is one of Bristol’s most famous graffiti pieces. 

Slave Labour 

This artwork is found at the side of a Poundland store in London; it shows a young child using a sewing machine to make a British flag. It represents those in poorer countries making mass-produced items for cheap brands and was a protest of the use of sweatshops being used to make royal merchandise for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee. Banksy cleverly makes his political points across through his graffiti artwork.

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Spy Booth 

Spy Booth was a Banksy art piece located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire; this depicted undercover detectives using listening devices at a phone booth. This became a top Banksy piece and brought plenty of tourism to Cheltenham. Sadly the art piece was removed due to the constant vandalisation of the piece. This art piece was to protest the ‘Global Surveillance Disclosure’ back in 2013. 

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of Banksy’s newest pieces in Bristol; it shows a young girl with a slingshot facing it up towards a ‘red explosion’ of spray-painted ivy. This artwork mural was discovered on Valentines Day in Bristol. Sadly the art piece has already been defaced with graffiti.

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