Five benefits of polished concrete flooring

Concrete flooring has always been a popular choice for many buildings and facilities. Not only is it hard wearing, it’s also highly economical and environmentally friendly. Read on for five reasons why you should consider polished concrete.

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1. Durability

Concrete is sturdy, hard wearing and highly durable meaning this is a great option if longevity is a concern. It will withstand heavy wear and tear so is ideal for high traffic areas. It requires only a very low level of upkeep, so maintenance is not an issue. The polish also protects the concrete. This all leads on to the next benefit: economy.

2. Economical

Polished concrete is a great option for those on a budget. The low maintenance of a concrete floor means it can last many years or decades, so it is a great long-term investment which makes it cheaper than other similar options, even if the initial outlay might be more.

3. Easy-Maintenance

Polished concrete flooring, such as that available from and other suppliers, requires hardly any care. It can last well with just a bit of brushing or sweeping and a scrub now and then. The polish will keep in good condition even with regular use of forklifts, vehicles or other equipment. There is no need for waxing or polishing.

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4. No Dust

One benefit of a polished concrete floor solution is that is does not give out any dust, as unpolished concrete can. Concrete dusting is a natural process which happens when the concrete slowly breaks down into a fine powder. It can appear in cracks and not only can it be unsightly it can also cause problems with health, as breathing in the find dust is not good for the lungs. It can also potentially cause problems with machinery. With the polished floor, dust is reduced and so any problems from dust are minimised.

5. Energy Efficiency

This floor type is a green option as it is highly energy efficient and can therefore save money on bills. Concrete is a natural material that is sustainable. It is also able to reflect heat and light back into the room or to the surrounding area, so it gives good ambient lighting and limits waste energy. It has a pleasant sheen from the polished finish, so this creates a light feel whether in daylight or artificial light.

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