Do not be left out in the cold

If you find yourself in an awkward situation after locking yourself out of the house, then stay safe and think about the following things.

It might be worth warning the neighbours before you try this one (unless it’s 3am) – looking for an open or partially open window. Most of us would have securely locked our windows before leaving but it is something we can often overlook. On this occasion, try to lift the window and squeeze through. Be wise though and do not try this if it is a small window or you could get stuck, or worse injure yourself!

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Asking for help if convenient will be high on your agenda. Does anyone else hold a key to your property? If the owner rents it, can the landlord let you in? If you live in a complex, then there may be someone you can contact in the management office.

Perhaps you keep a spare key under the doormat or hidden under a fake stone in the garden? While, this will be wonderfully helpful in a lock-out scenario, it is not recommended by security experts. You might wish to rethink your emergency back-up plan for the future.

If you cannot get anyone and you’re not sure you can get in without breaking something, then it’s always wise to call an emergency locksmith. For more information about Southend Locksmiths, visit a site like the Southend Locksmiths Brights Locksmiths

If the door is a spring bolt and not a deadbolt, you can try to use the credit card trick, as seen in the movies. Make sure you do not use your bank card at this time in case it gets damaged. Wedge the card between the door and frame. Hold the card flush against the frame at the smallest part of the lock. Push the card and bend away from the doorknob. This should open the latch and allow you access. If this works, be sure to review your security arrangements for the future as access is far too easy currently!

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If you do not mind explaining the situation to the Old Bill, destroying a ground floor window is another way to enter your property in an emergency. This would mean, however, calling a glazier and waiting for it to be repaired. It also makes a horrible mess that will need cleaning up and also presents the very real possibility that you could hurt yourself.

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