Dealing with period windows

Original windows that were made using traditional techniques are difficult to replicate today with modern building regulations and can often be replaced unnecessarily, eroding the character of a period home. This means it is important that every effort is made to preserve and maintain the original windows.

Even if your windows look beyond the possibility of repair – after succumbing to rot and broken glass – you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved through careful restoration or expert replacement.

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If you live in a Victorian house, you will likely have sash windows or casement windows – made of wood. The mock tudor style of homes were also popular in the Victorian period which saw construction including leaded details in between stone mullions, for example.

All windows installed during Victorian times were a single pane of glass and many were removed during renovation works in the post-war period and replaced with double glazing. Should you be lucky enough to still have the original windows, always see if repair is an option before opting for replacement and consider upgrading to double glazing to improve efficiency.

If windows do need replacing, there are many options to choose from. One highly popular option is Residence 9 – a luxurious window system available in the UK. Here are some of the benefits for the modern homeowner in considering this type of window system:

  1. Period Character

Hours and hours of design and workmanship go into making Residence 9 designs as they offer like-for-like aesthetics to the designs of the 19th Century Flush Wood Window Sash. This framework brings together the exact detailing and hardware that are key features and characteristics of the period. For Windows Stratford Upon Avon, visit a site like Centurion, a leading supplier of Windows Stratford Upon Avon.

  1. Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest drawbacks of the old wooden windows is the lack of energy efficiency they provide after the aging process has got the better of them. Residence 9 windows enjoy an energy certification rating of A plus and is suitable for coupling with a thermally efficient triple or double glazing.

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  1. Suitable for conservation

A main aim when constructing Residence 9 window systems is to produce a system that will be deemed acceptable in a conservation area. The specifications match with directions set out in Article 4 detailing the dimensions and how the windows should look. Because of how authentic they look, they are regularly approved by planners for properties in conservation areas. This makes them a great option for window replacement in protected areas or for period properties.

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