5 amazing benefits of plylining your van

Some van models offer a plywood lining as an optional extra installed at the factory, while others can be adapted to include this feature via aftermarket installation. Whichever approach you choose, why should you consider investing in lining for your LCV?

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The Basics

Adding a plywood lining to the cargo area of a van is an excellent way of protecting both the structural integrity of the vehicle itself, while also being able to manage heavy loads without being limited in terms of the goods and equipment that can be hauled.

The main purpose of this system is to prevent damage being done to the panels and other physical features of a van when loads shift about inside the cargo area. The metal can be surprisingly thin and lacking in durability, hence the addition of a layer of tough wood on the inside acts as a barrier and thus lowers the long term costs of ownership.

The Versatility

There are plenty of plylining options provided by companies including, giving you the ability to choose a setup that suits your requirements and budget.

This type of lining can be custom made for vans of all shapes and sizes, from compact car-derived models to high roof, long wheelbase LCVs. This is because the wood used is tough but flexible, allowing it to work in almost any space available.

The wood itself varies in thickness depending on the part of the van it is protecting. Wheel arches get the most comprehensive coverage, while the walls and doors receive a thinner layer.

The Appearance

Vans have become so popular in the UK that they are changing the levels of traffic recorded on roads nationwide. Because of this, it pays to do as much as possible to improve the public image of van users.

Lining your van with plywood is a great way to get started, as it will keep it looking good inside and out. The bumps and dents that can litter unprotected vans can be off-putting, but with plywood linings this can be averted and you can really impress clients and other road users alike.

Since the wood is capable of resisting other types of wear and tear, such as might be caused by changes in temperature or the presence of moisture, a lined van will look good for years.

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