Six Ways That Supermarkets Encourage You to Spend More

We have all headed to the supermarket with the intention of only buying the items on our list. Yet by the time we get to the checkout, the trolley is overflowing with goods we did not realise we needed. You may be relieved to hear that these extra purchases are not actually your fault but could instead be down to some clever selling from the supermarket.

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If you find your supermarket trolley frequently turning into a treasure trove of buy one, get one free deals and special offers, then read on for the six ways supermarkets are encouraging us to spend more.

Eye-Level Promotions

These clever deals are often situated at your eye-level as you stroll around the supermarket, meaning you are likely to be attracted to them. Recognise this tactic and you will be much less likely to be duped!

Free Samples

Of course you want to try that tasty sample, but if you enjoy it, you are certain to go and make the purchase to enjoy at home.

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Trolley Size

The size of your supermarket trolley can influence how much you buy. The bigger the trolley, the more you will fill it. Instead of going for the biggest trolley on offer, something smaller from will be much better at helping you only buy what you need.

Shop Layout

The design and the layout of the supermarket can have a big effect on shopping choices. According to an article by Which, the size of the aisles and even the colours used in store can affect your decisions.

It Is Only 99p

It is the oldest trick in the book. Instead of one pound, the item is only 99p. Straight away you are making a saving, even if it is only one penny.

Till-Based Offers

You have finished your shop and made it to the checkout, but the supermarket is not done with you yet. There are plenty of offers around the till to tempt you to throw that final chocolate bar or drink into your trolley.

Next time you head to the supermarket, remember to pay attention to the number of ways the shop is trying its best to get you to spend a bit of extra cash. Perhaps next time you will not be caught out!

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