Are You Liable If a Friend Drives Your Car and Gets Into an Accident?

Friends are there to help each other out ad lend a helping hand form time to time. At one point or another, you may be asked by a friend if they can borrow your car. In other cases, you may need your friend to drive your car for you as a favor. In these cases it is essential for you to know your responsibility as the car owner as well as your friend’s responsibility as a licensed driver. Here is some information to help you determine if you are liable in the case that a friend driver your car and get into an accident.

There is no blanket yes or not answer to the question, “Will I be liable if my friend gets into an accident in my car”. Unfortunately, this answer will vary depending on your insurance policy as well as the policy that your friend has through their own insurance company.

If your friend has his or her own liability insurance for their car, the insurance will follow them no matter what vehicle they re driving. In this case, you would not be liable for the accident that your friend got into, even thought they were driving your car. Often this person will be covered, but usually the coverage is very limited. Luckily the company will typically take into consideration the reason for that person driving. For example, if it was a medical emergency situation, the company would probably be more lenient regarding insurance terms and coverage.

If you are going to consider letting a friend drive your car, this is the most important question to ask them what kind of insurance and coverage they have first. Find out the extent of their insurance plan in order to make sure that you friend’s insurance cover them incase of an accident so that you can rest easy knowing the liability and expenses are not your responsibility or obligation.

When buying your insurance, be sure to ask who specifically is covered by insurance. Sometimes companies will cover another driver who operates you car, but over the coverage is limited and minimal. Family members are usually included on your insurance, but if they get in an accident they may not be covered again in the future. Some companies do not offer any insurance coverage at all for other drivers, whether they are friends or family members, so it is absolutely imperative that you ask the company ahead of time about your terms so that you are aware and educated.

Before letting a friend get behind the wheel of your car, think if through. Find out if your friend is covered and what the terms of their coverage are when driving a vehicle that is not their own. Also, check with your insurance company, such as the best car insurance companies in AK, to find out about rates and coverage. Planning ahead will help you to know what you expect in the case of an accident when a friend drives your car. Being cautious and proactive will help to reduce unpleasant surpasses so that you can focus on dealing with the accident instead of being converse about who is responsible.

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