90’s Interior Trends That Have Made a Comeback This Year

The nineties were a big time for design trends. So often we see ‘blasts from the past’ making a comeback and in terms of interior design this has never been truer – but what relics from yesterday can you expect to see in magazines this year? Here are five trends from the nineties that have gone full circle.


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White kitchens

In the nineties properties began to get smaller and the trend of white kitchens emerged so that those with tiny kitchens could give the illusion of space. The crispness of white kitchens is back with a bang this year although worktop appliances tend to be popular in stainless steel rather than the somewhat retro products in an original nineties kitchen.

Light Wood

Blonde wood such as pine and beech was a common choice for flooring, shelving and other soft furnishings during the nineties. While we may have seen a move towards darker wood during the early 2000’s, it seems many consumers have grown wise to the fact that this shade tends to show up dust and as such we are favouring light woods once more.

Not only this but our love for all things Nordic – as reported in The Guardian – is reflected in lighter woods such as bamboo or chestnut that create the ultimate minimalist yet warming effect.


Remember that childhood bedroom that was wall-to-wall lavender?

Well, pastel shades are having a revival – thankfully not to this extreme. These days, delicate hues such as rose quartz and pale greys are popular in the form of feature walls surrounding wood burning stoves or soft furnishings like cushion covers, lamps or throws. These create a soft and calming effect without going overboard. This may be useful to those wondering What is a wood burning stove or similar feature best accentuated by?


Brass fixtures were a hit during the nineties and now they’re back, only less regal. Now door handles, light fittings and mirror frames tend to appear in a copper effect not dissimilar to brass but their shape and style is more modern.

Pair a contemporary copper light fitting against a blush pink wall and you instantly have a modern style that’s bang on trend. Copper trays and cosmetic bottles are also a simple touch that incorporates this trend.

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