The different types of forces that we use in everyday life.

Forces are all around us and acting upon us and the items around us every day. As well as these forces occurring naturally such as friction and gravity, we can cause these forces to help us in particular tasks, such as the force that is created in a Hydraulic Power Unit from These forces then usually help us to move objects, lift them or to give us additional strength that we would otherwise lack.

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There are a number of different forces and here are just a few of them for you to have a look at.

Gravitational – this is the most common force that we are all aware of and it is the force that is pushed down on all objects and us as humans and keeps us safe on the ground of the earth. It is also the pull that keeps the planets spinning in orbit.

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Frictional – this is the force that objects experience on a surface when they are moved across it. Friction tends to occur in the opposite direction that an object is moving in. For example, a car has a frictional force on the ground below it as it moves along the road.

Air Resistance – this is the force of the air against an object when it travels through the air. This is experienced on everything from plans down to tennis balls.

Spring – this is the force that is built up in a spring or a coil and is the force built up when it is compressed.The force is then released when it is stretched.

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