How to style a beanie hat

Beanies are a quintessential choice when you are looking for a men’s winter hat to look good and keep out the cold. There is a vast array of options when it comes to the types available and the way they can be worn, so check out the following ideas for styling your beanie to add the finishing touch to any winter outfit.

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Simple is best

One of the best choices you can make is to go for a simple beanie, such as a plain navy Lyle & Scott eagle logo hat or a standard swoosh Nike choice. This will give you the most versatility when it comes to how you wear your hat and what you can wear it with.

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If you are going for patterns or bold colours, try to create a balance between the two for maximum wearability; for example, if you go for an intricate pattern, try to choose a more subdued tone. Also, think about the way in which a pattern will look if you want to team it with your new coat from a retailer such as

There are occasions when you can go to town with the colours and patterning on your beaning, such as if you want increased visibility whilst doing outdoor sports. If you are planning a winter sports holiday abroad, always read the official guidance.

Think hair

Try to match the style and the way you wear your beanie with your hair and face shape; for example, if you have a wide forehead and a fringe, you may want to wear your beanie tilted backwards a little to let your hair show at the front. If you have very little hair, you could choose the classic beanie-wearing style, which is pulling it down low on your forehead and over your ears.

Choose your rolls

You can opt to wear your beanie without rolling the edges for a trendy look that subverts the norm; alternatively, you can go for the more traditional single roll with a cuff measuring between two and three inches. The latter is often the best choice for heavier knit beanies or very light hats with a looser fit. If you really want to show off your hair, you could go for the double roll, which thickens the cuff to reveal more of your crowning glory.

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