Open shelving ideas for a kitchen

One of the big design trends of recent years, open shelving is a fast and budget friendly way to update your kitchen.

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If you’re lacking inspiration then here are some hints and tips for creating open shelving Ireland homeowners can be proud of!

Make the most of your space

If you’re considering running shelving the length of your walls, why stop when you reach the corner? Creating a wraparound shelf will make the most of your wall space, and because corner spaces are usually hidden from view they’re the ideal place to hide less attractive kitchen gadgets such as the microwave.

Open up your cupboards

If you’ve been craving a kitchen makeover but are limited by your budget, here’s a quick update: remove the doors from your wall cupboards. This will create a light and airy feel for your kitchen and you can create a real wow factor by painting the cupboard interiors with a pop of colour.

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There’s more to shelving than wood

If you think your shelves need to conform to country kitchen style then take a look around at some of the modern geometric alternatives available. Metal and glass with brass, gold and copper finishes look clean, modern and stylish in a contemporary kitchen or add a clever twist to a more traditional design.

Add an edge to rustic

On the other hand, if you prefer natural textures, add an edge to your wooden shelving with live edge timber that still wears its bark. This gives your floating shelving a surprisingly modern look and makes a real design statement in any kitchen.

Create a dream pantry

Do you love the idea of a pantry cupboard but don’t have the space? By lining a wall with functional shelving Ireland home owners can create the perfect blend of style and at a glance functionality. Keep it country kitchen perfect with wooden shelving or opt for industrial style metal shelving for a cool urban space.

Think small

If you love the look but don’t want to commit to styling and cleaning open shelving over wall cabinets, just a couple of well placed shelves can have a big impact, particularly next to a window or over the kitchen sink.

Change it up

Alternating shelving and hanging storage can really change up your storage options and create a fresh, balanced and symmetrical look either side of your cooker hood.

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