Considerations when laying a patio

Having a patio is a great addition to a garden space. A place where you can socialise, play and spend more time outdoors. Perhaps the biggest considerations you should make when having a new patio laid out is to decide on the type of paving you want to use.

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You have a good selection of paving blocks or slabs to make a traditional patio or you could even use a resin bound gravel. By far the most common form is to use a paving slab. Here, the choices are endless – from sandstone and granite to concrete, limestone or marble.

All of which come in a variety of styles and colours with a combination to suit all tastes and requirements. Find out more about Patios Gloucester at a site like

Whichever paving material you choose, there may be a variety of possible laying patterns that you can put on the paving. Which is the best pattern to use is purely a matter of taste because there is usually no structural advantage by selecting one over another pattern. The only limit is your imagination.

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For some time now, laying patterns has been popular for most types of types of paving in ‘random patterns’ which involves using sheets of different sizes to create what appears as a random layout.

However, in more recent times, there has been a revival of using single measure paving patterns once again, which is mainly due to the increasing popularity of Porcelain paving.

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