What Should A First Aid Box Contain?

What should a first aid kit contain? It depends on the situation and the kind of emergency you may encounter. If you regularly use prescription medications, it’s recommended to carry enough for a week. Even if it’s only a small amount, having a small supply of these medications handy may prove helpful in emergency situations. Remember to keep a list of your current medications and dosing instructions handy.

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It’s also a good idea to have a first aid kit in the car, workplace and home. When you need information on Emergency First Aid Training Courses, consult with Listed below are just a few of the types of items you should include.

A well-stocked first aid kit will make it easy to handle a wide variety of injuries. These kits should contain sterile and non-sterile bandages. Sterile triangular bandages are useful for dressing open wounds. Non-sterile bandages are great for slings. Disposable gloves are also a good idea to keep on hand. First aid kits are required by law in workplaces, and certain occupations may require them to have them.

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While a first aid kit should meet British Standards or be designed according to the needs of a particular organisation, you do not need to buy an incredibly expensive first aid kit. The contents of your first aid kit should contain the items you identified in the needs assessment, and you should regularly check the kit to make sure it’s still effective. Also, some items might have expiration dates. If you find that a sterile item is expired, dispose of it properly. Non-sterile items must also be checked to ensure they’re fit for purpose.


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