Three Good Reasons Why you Should See your Dentist Regularly

Many people think that as long as you are cleaning your teeth twice a day this is plenty to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Of course, brushing is an essential part of your oral health regime, but whether you use a bamboo toothbrush like this or a modern electric toothbrush, you should still be regularly visiting your dentist as well.

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Here are three reasons why this is…

Plaque – This is a build up on the teeth that left alone eventually leads to tooth decay, pain and loss of the tooth. Brushing and using mouthwash help to prevent this but a dentist can remove plaque from the areas that you are not able to get to and help to keep it at bay and prevent plaque build up.

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Cancer – As well as checking teeth dentists are experts on the insides of a mouth and general oral health, so they will also be able to look for other signs of problems such as cancer in the mouth and throat. This could be potentially life saving and is a good reason for regular trips to the dentist.

Gum Health – Gums are an important part of the mouth and a dentist will also be able to look at the health of the gums and spot any problems that may be starting early, before they get too severe. When it comes to things like gum disease, early treatment is important as it will reduce the impact and severity of it.

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