Are you really wearing that?

What are some of the worst styles ever to grace history? For men there is quite a long list and we shall have a look at some of them To avoid all of the nonsense that we are just about to see you could just go to EJ Menswear and buy a load of Levi Menswear safe in the knowledge that you are looking cool and casual and won’t be openly laughed at in the street. Let’s start with an “old favorite”.

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  1. Dressing like a pearly King. This is a tradition of old London town (actually started at the turn of the century). It involves a black suit being covered in buttons made from mother of pearl to form patterns of intricate design. The whole thing screams I am a Cockney. We shouldn;t be rude though, the pearlies raise lots of money for good causes and celebrate working class culture.
  2. Dressing up like a Superhero. I think the main problem here is the washboard abs that get added to the suits. It’s very hard to get that look normally so why cut corners. No one is going to believe you’re Christain Bale anyway.

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  1. A ruff, doublet and hose. This is really going back. For some reason in the 15th Century upper class men decided that they would wear womens tights, brightly coloured, a kind of puffed out shorts and then a massed hard laced colour. Even hardnuts like Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake wore it and they were Pirates, sorry, they were Buccaneers.
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