You car tells a story

What does your car say about? You are not so much what you eat as what you drive. Just like dogs supposedly look like their owners, then cars are an extension of ourselves. You might not look like your car, for obvious reasons, but most people choose a vehicle based on how they see themselves, how they want to be and how they’d like to be seen by others. You wouldn’t buy a Volvo to show off but then you wouldn’t buy a Porsche to demonstrate how responsible you are.

We all know the stereotypes out on the road but is there any truth to them? A recent YouGov profiling exercise drew these conclusions about what sort of people are drawn to which vehicles. Drivers of Volkswagens are most likely to be male between 40 and 59 from Wales and into Rugby Union and trekking. Wow, that is pretty specific.

Vauxhall drivers will be the same gender and age as Volkswagen drivers but will hail from East Anglia, be into DIY and does his shopping at Asda. He’ll be busy walking his dog before watching the football on the telly. Do you know a Vauxhall driver who actually does this?

Toyota drivers seem to have the exact same profile as Alan Partridge! Skoda drivers are most likely dog owners with a messy car. They are older, can be found in Northern Scotland and are most likely ex-military. If you’d like to treat your car to a serious makeover, have you thought about Alloy wheel refurbishment Cambridge? For more information, visit

Now onto the ladies, Renault’s are more likely to be seen with an older lady behind the wheel who shops at Aldi and has a cat. Minis are for the thirty somethings who drive around London and work in marketing. They enjoy exercise, tennis and also owning cats!

Audi drivers are much more likely to be male, between 25 and 39 in the Business profession and located in the South-East. These guys like exercise, cycling and a bit of posh shopping at Waitrose. Ford drivers are also male, slightly older and in the Manufacturing industry. Golfers and DIYers, they read The Sun newspaper and shop at Morrisons.

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I’m sure we all know a few exceptions to the rules, as there always are. There are definitely brand associations but with each manufacturer having ranges to suit different needs then maybe it’s not so easy to tar all drivers of a particular brand with the same brush.

A car can reveal what kind of life you lead. After all, people don’t spin a wheel and choose a vehicle based on wherever it lands. A car represents how much money you have to spend, whether you have family responsibilities, what profession you might be in and how much time you have to take care of your car. For example, a super car or convertible sounds out a totally story then a minivan or people carrier.

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