Working your way down your wedding day to do list

For many people their wedding day is amongst some of the most memorable days of their lives usually along with your graduation day, the day your children are born and when they get married. Each couple will have their own special traditions and elements that they want to bring into their wedding day and ceremony, whether this is a particular song being played, an item that is handed down through the generations or the choice of wedding venue.

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Long engagements are popular now a days and this is for a variety of reasons, from saving up to pay for the big day through to waiting for a particular date and putting yourself on the waiting list for your dream Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue. If you are looking in the area the Hatton Court Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue is a beautiful location. Whatever destination you choose whether based in the UK or even abroad you will want to make sure that you have some memories to remember the day by especially as even after the months and months of planning the actual wedding day seems to go by incredibly quickly. If you are currently planning your big day there are many things think about and consider so here is a handy little list of some of the top three areas, you may want to plan.

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  • Venue – it is worth noting that some venues fill up very quickly and so it can be a good idea to be slightly more flexible on your wedding date if you know that the venue you want is popular with other couples. You may want to think about a season or time of year that you want to get married rather than a specific date if this is the case.
  • Flowers – many brides and grooms will make their flowers selections both the bouquets and button holes as well the venue decorations based on their chosen colour scheme. Some couples, and brides in particular, might have a favourite flower or a flower that means something to them that they may want to incorporate into their day in one way or another.
  • Cake – traditional wedding cakes are usually two or three tiers high and contain one layer of fruit cake. People have become more and more inventive with their wedding cake designs with some continuing the colour theme of their wedding through to the decorations on their cake and others opting for cupcake trees rather than a solid cake. Theme wedding cakes have also dramatically increased in popularity over the the years. The possibilities really are endless.
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