Why OH Needs to Be Made More Accessible to SMEs

Occupational health is an important matter for everyone, and many professionals are now calling for the government to do more to help small and medium-sized companies provide these vital health services to their employees.

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Most people don’t work for an organization that offers OH. In fact, only around one tenth of people are able to access an OH physician through their company either internally or via a third party. When it comes to accessing any kind of OH, around 38% of people are able to gain access to general OH services.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reveals that two out of five small businesses do not know enough about OH. Many of the people surveyed relied only on the NHS for their knowledge about workplace health. However, the government also has advice available online to help companies learn more about OH.

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Difference Between Sectors

The sector people work in has an impact on whether or not they can get access to OH services. In fields such as social care and healthcare, people are more likely to have access to OH. In other areas such as manufacturing, technology or retail, OH is less likely to be an option for employees. Location is less important than sector. When considering occupational health Gloucester is as likely as other cities to have companies struggling with OH services.

Small businesses want to be able to help their staff with OH services, but many don’t know how. If a staff member is off work for a long time with illness, it can cause a problem in the business. This is why OH is so important from a business point of view, as well as from the employee perspective. When looking for services related to occupational health Gloucester has many options.

Ways to Improve OH Provision

There are many ways to improve OH services among SMEs. One way is for the government to give tax breaks to SMEs that provide OH services. Awareness also needs to be improved at all levels. Larger companies could also be encouraged to offer their OH services to SMEs via a supply chain network in exchange for some benefit. There also needs to be proper research into OH service options for the self-employed, including cash benefits to help self-employed people through any spells out of work.

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