Why install double glazing?

If you are considering renovating or updating your home, then you should give some thought to double glazing if you haven’t already installed it. Modern glazing brings a variety of benefits and, of course, adds value to your property.

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For those who live by a noisy road or right on top of your neighbours, it can mean suffering from a significant level of noise pollution. Double glazing provides beneficial insulation from noise, lowering the noises that permeate your home. Having double glazing fitted to the living room and the bedroom can lead to a much quieter existence. For Hereford Double Glazing, Firmfix are able to provide double glazing in Hereford

Contemporary double glazing is extremely low maintenance. It is simple to clean with ordinary glass cleaner and sills can be wiped over with small amounts of soapy water. You can also enjoy easy-clean features, providing you with cleaner windows than ever before without you having to lift a finger.

Older glass with a single panel can weaken over time and if your home is decades old then it may be time for an update.

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If you want to own a home that’s more energy efficient, double glazing is the way forward. A lot of air can escape through an old window, letting the heat out and the cold in, making your heating work harder and costing you more money. Just one additional pane can make a huge improvement. Better thermal insulation can save quite a lot on your energy bills during the year.

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