Why end of tenancy cleaning is so important

Whatever the size of your property business, it is vital to have your flat or house cleaned professionally when the new tenancy begins. This is variously called end of tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning, deep cleaning and tenancy cleaning.

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Put cleaning in the contract

Deposit protection organisation,, mentions cleaning as a leading factor behind deposit disputes between tenants and landlords. It is therefore vital that the tenancy agreement contains a clause regarding cleaning.

Be specific, for example stating that both landlord and tenant understand that the tenant shall arrange for the property to undergo professional cleaning when the tenancy ends, and that they must pay for the job and provide evidence that it has been completed. If they do not do this, the cost of a clean will be removed from their deposit.

Some tenancy agreements simply say that the house or flat has to be in the condition it was in at the start. However, this only works if the prior tenant professionally cleaned the property when he or she left. If they failed to do this and the former condition was by no means clean, the landlord has no protection.

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Using checklists

Getting any cleaning company to do the work isn’t adequate. A deep clean done by a professional that uses a cleaning checklist is required. If you don’t have a cleaning list, the agent may be able to help with this.

For example, a 300-point checklist for a move out cleaning service would cover all bases. Such a list in the kitchen should cover fridge/freezer, oven, work surfaces, appliances, kitchen cupboards and floor. Cleaning goals in the bathroom would include removing limescale from tiles, taps and shower head, cleaning the toilet bowl and polishing all taps.


The cost of cleaning varies according to the size of the property and whether you need carpets cleaned. Do not be tempted by cheap cleaning, since you may pay more to fix mistakes later. Around £165-185 is appropriate for a 2-bed property without carpets.

Property management CRM software, from companies such as, can help you streamline your portfolio and achieve smooth transfers at the end of your tenancies.

For advice on end of tenancy cleaning, see:

It is not advised that tenants do the cleaning themselves, since landlords and agents are strict and use very detailed checklists.

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