What’s the point in Art History?

If you’ve ever wondered why people chose to study Art History then you might be surprised to learn that there many fascinating subjects involved and extremely useful qualities to be gained. Art History is so much more than knowing who painted what. It’s about culture, politics, economics, humanity, war, love and so many other things. Here are some great reasons to study Art History:

Every piece of art tells a story

Each artist who has ever created something has done so under an individual set of circumstances. The Renaissance artists had to please the Roman Catholic Church for example and modern artists reflect on experiences of war or economic hardship to show their views on society. Every person is a product of their environment, their culture and their time period. If you want to learn about history then art is incredibly useful as evidence of how people felt during the period. Whether it’s a portrait, a sculpture or architecture, everything is a product of personal and sociological influences.

Learn useful skills

Studying Art History will develop your ability to analyse things and think critically about what you see before you. You will also develop writing skills, learn how to source and essays are great for your grammar and punctuation practice! Why do I need these skills? Many career paths require the ability to think critically, for example, becoming an engineer. Writing skills will help many career choices such as teaching, law and journalism.

You’re already surrounded by visual imagery

Every day we are surrounded by visual stimulation, whether it be on a smartphone, tablet or computer. We watch TV and play video games which puts our brains under pressure to process these vast amounts of images. Humans are becoming more adept at thinking and learning visually. All this requires analysis and insight which Art History is perfect for providing.

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More than just paintings

Studying Art History is deeper than knowing the names and dates of famous paintings, it actually encompasses a far broader range of subjects than you’d think. If you’ve ever been interested in animation, photography, calligraphy or movies then you’ll learn about these too. Art History also covers topics like architecture, woodwork, performance art and armour as well as coins! Anything and everything can be found in the world of Art History. The artwork included on items such as armour and coins can be particularly interesting to research and a UK Coin dealers can help to give you further information on certain collectable coins. GM Coins is one of a select few UK coin dealers in Gloucestershire that can help with all of your coin related questions.

A deeper understanding

Humans are a social species and the way we communicate has always fascinated us. Studying this subject offers a greater understanding of different cultures and times by analysing the way they used art and architecture to communicate. It’s the perfect subject for developing deeper humanity and empathy for other people, culture and societies by seeing the world through their eyes.

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Enjoy galleries more

You don’t need to study Art History to enjoy art but you might have a more enjoyable experience with a better trained eye. You’ll see things you hadn’t noticed before, recognise influences in work from other artists, discover a deeper understanding of other cultures and begin to appreciate more diverse works of art that you had previously disliked.

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