What Do You Do With Water?

During the hot summer months, there is almost nothing better than spending some time in the water.  Whether you are water skiing, boating, spending time in the pool or even just having an all-out water fight, water can save you from the misery of the scorching sun.

There are so many other things you can do with water we wanted to help you find uses for your favorite summer-time refresher.

7 Water Activities that Will Keep you Entertained
Now, before you get all grumpy about spending a few extra bucks on water, most of the things we suggest don’t take that much water at all and you can have tons of fun by yourself or with friends.  Most of these activities can actually keep children entertained as well.

Water-color painting.  Water color painting allows you to have a creative outlet, while spending very little money.  Some people find it to be stress relieving to just create art (whether horrible or beautiful), while others find it to be a great avenue to release their aggression and anger.  Whatever the case may be, water color is a great use of your precious water resource.
What kids don’t love water guns? That’s right, let loose, use some of your pent up energy from being blocked up in an office all day to run around having water-gun fights.
Add a little water to some dirt and you’ve got a whole load of ways to make a mess.  Mud is fun, mud castles and mud pies are even more fun.  Mud is a simple three letter word that can keep anyone from small children to grown men entertained for hours.
Probably the least fun of the water activities is of course, cleaning. No matter what you are cleaning, chances are good that water will be used. It is an additive all spray cleaners and is necessary to get the job done right.
Cooking, while it may not be playing with water guns, can be fun in its own way.  Doing it with someone you enjoy being with can make it even more pleasant and the rewards you get are priceless.
Go wading in a river or stream.  This can not only cool you off, but can be quite fun and can keep you busy for a long time.
While you’re at the stream, why not take along some homemade boats and have a race?
Last, but not least, take a boat to the lake, go water skiing, swimming, cliff diving (if you’re feeling lucky), surfing, or whatever you can do to cool down.  This doesn’t even require you to have your own source of water!
There are so many amazing things you can do with the help of a little water.

However, no matter how many crazy ways you find to use water, whether it be strictly for fun, to sustain life or to take care of the necessities, it is best to have a water softener to help keep harmful materials out of your body.

Using a simple water softener in your home can not only help keep you healthy but my improve the quality of your play time.

Hard water will wear out your clothes more quickly, cause stains on the tub and significantly dry out the skin.  It also carries minerals in it, which can cause build-up in pipes, in addition to having a slightly bad taste and sometimes smell.

After all is said and done it really doesn’t matter whether you choose to have a water softener in your home, you can still have fun in the sun with all of the many options we’ve given you and many more you’ll find for yourself.

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