Ways to Make Your Wedding Memories Last

When you’ve spent a small fortune on your big day, you won’t want your wedding photos hidden away in a drawer. You will want to display your beautiful photos around your home in any way you can. Here are some great ideas for savouring the happy moments and making them a part of your décor:

  1. Canvas Print

One of the most fun ways to show off your wedding day celebrations is to pick your favourite shots for a large canvas print or several smaller prints in a display. The prints are eye-catching, will look like a work of art and make a perfect addition to your newly-wed living room décor.

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  1. Calendar

Putting up a calendar of 12 of your best moments mean you get to savour the day for a whole 12 months. You could even get several printed off and give them as Christmas gifts to your nearest and dearest, especially if they contributed to the big day. It’s a nice way to thank them for their support.

  1. Photo Strips

If you want to create something contemporary and fun, then hanging photo strips is a quirky idea. Choose the craziest moments from your nuptials and hang them from a photo strip wall hanging for a funky addition to any room’s décor. It’s an authentic look that guests will be sure to notice.

  1. Lap Tray

If you want little reminders whenever you use everyday household items, then why not personalise a lap tray? This is a unique, fun reminder of your special occasion every time you snuggle up together for meals on the sofa in your newlywed love nest. Use one to surprise to your other half with breakfast in bed in true romantic style. For a range of Personalised Lap Trays, visit

  1. Coffee Table Portfolio

For the ultimate in chic, designer style, create a coffee table book with all your best shots and wedding memorabilia included. Not only will it look amazing in your living room but will encourage both you and anyone who visits to look through and admire. It’s a beautiful, timeless reminder of one of the most special days of your life.

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  1. Shadow Box

These are a great way to display 3D items from your wedding such as flowers, champagne corks and any other special memorabilia. As well as displaying your photos, by putting up these other keepsakes, you are telling the story of your day in an original and contemporary way. They’ll look great in any room’s décor.

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