Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you’re looking forward to your nuptials this year, then you’ll be busy planning every tiny detail from the favours to the music to make sure everything is perfect. One of the most exciting choices is the bridal bouquet which you can have created for you at a Gloucestershire Florist such as . Whether you’re going to stick to tradition or try something new and unique here are some interesting ways to make a statement with your bouquet:


A wreath makes a beautiful alternative to a traditional bouquet. If you’re having a country, rustic, winter or vintage style wedding, then bridal and bridesmaid wreaths will look perfect. They come thick with vivid green foliage and are often a cheaper option.

Giant Balloons

This is a new and quirky idea that makes for great wedding photographs but probably not all that practical during the ceremony! They look amazing in fun photos and can then be re-used later in the day for your reception décor.


If you’re planning an alternative, relaxed and hippy-style wedding then pinwheels are the perfect inexpensive accessory. They also make great alternative bouquet ideas for pageboys and flowergirls. They look very cute and bring a different dimension to the theme.

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Paper Flowers

The quality and appearance of paper flowers has increased significantly over the last few years, now almost looking like the real thing. Crafty people can make them at home and keep them as stunning wedding mementos for many years.

Wrist Corsages

These were worn years ago but have recently enjoyed a surge in popularity. They are the ideal way of incorporating real flowers into your ceremony but at a reduced price tag. They allow you to have your hands free which is useful and are extremely pretty.

Alternative Bouquets

If you still love the idea of a traditional bouquet but with a twist, why not think about incorporating earthy and natural elements instead of flowers? Interesting alternatives include wheat, eucalyptus, pine cones, cotton and herbs. The only limit is your imagination.

Fabric Bouquets

If you’re not keen on fresh flowers for whatever reason, a popular trend is to have a beautiful fabric bouquet instead. They can be made at home or bought pre-made and include options like silk, cotton, felt or even pom-poms!

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For rustic or wintry weddings, having your bridesmaids carry lanterns instead of flowers is a growing trend. They can also look incredibly romantic for ceremonies that take place later in the day where the candlelight creates a warm and romantic ambience.

Fruit Bouquets

Perfect for autumn weddings, fruit bouquets look stunning in photographs. Remember that too much fruit will make the bouquet heavy and you might want to avoid any berries that could stain dresses.


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