Top tips for building your capsule wardrobe

For many, clothes shopping can be addictive. You see an item that you must have, only for it to end up at the back of your wardrobe never to see daylight again. Most of us will have at least one piece of clothing that still has the tag on, but won’t take it back or give it away just in case we need it in the future. If this sounds like you, now might be the time to look into a capsule wardrobe.

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What is it?

A capsule wardrobe is a way of slimming down the items of clothing in your wardrobe until you are left with a set number of pieces. These are the essentials, the ones that don’t go out of fashion and the ones that can be mixed and matched with others in your collection. It’s a term that was first used by Susie Faux back in the 1970s but has seen a much bigger revival over the last decade, especially with the Project 333 challenge.

How can I do it?

If a minimalist wardrobe sounds like something that would suit you, you should know a few things. Firstly, clear out your wardrobe, keeping only the essentials. If you haven’t worn something in a while, it’s unlikely you’ll wear it anytime soon so be ruthless. Once you have your basics, you can give the premise a trial run to see if it is for you before diving in head first.

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When starting, it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of how many items to keep, but it doesn’t need to be a set figure. As you get used to it, allow yourself to relax a little without deviating too far from the overall idea. You can help yourself by looking at downsizing your wardrobe. Look for a smaller option or if you’re in Dorset fitted wardrobes, like the ones found here can often be custom made to your specifications.

Don’t panic buy, after all, that’s probably what got you here in the first place. Your wardrobe isn’t going to be perfect straight away, it can take time to get the right items and help you be totally content with how it looks. Take time out and see if you can manage on the clothes you already have before spending anything else.

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