The Latest Trends in Laminate Flooring

With manufacturers finally being able to achieve natural and realistic wood visuals in laminate, sales are increasing. Naturally aged wood with such details as mineral streaks, chatter marks and natural knots are all design aspects that laminate wood flooring now offers.


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Property companies are choosing to display laminate wood flooring in their show homes and are realising that most people cannot tell the difference between laminate and hardwood floors anymore. Demonstrating how good it looks and feels has a very positive effect on sales, as people like to see what something is going to look like.


Laminate flooring is also proving popular in stylish offices where there is heavy footfall, chairs on casters and ladies in high heels. With such traffic in a working environment, you may expect several scratches and signs of wear and tear. But laminate is tough and durable and does not scratch easily.

Latest Designs

With sites such as Pinterest, Houzz and exposing customers to all the latest aspects of design, including flooring, the laminate wood floor business has never been so strong. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of every floor type such as vinyl flooring, carpets, tiles and linoleum too, as well as assessing the space it is intended for, before deciding on flooring purely based on aesthetics alone.

Customers often enter a showroom with an idea of what they want, but with some analysis of their lifestyle it is easy to guide a customer toward the best kind of flooring their home would benefit from. A customer may already love the look of hardwood floors, but after a discussion about their lifestyle, and whether they have young children, pets or a busy household, it may be that a laminate wood flooring is a much better option for them.

With the ability of the manufacturers to create such realistic-looking wooden laminate, end-users are now able to enjoy the traditional and elegant look of wood combined with increased durability and a lower price tag that comes with laminate. This allows those on a stricter budget to still realise their dreams of having a classic wooden-looking floor in their home.

All types of flooring should be considered before purchasing flooring for the home. Each room has a different purpose, and flooring should be selected accordingly.

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