The importance of removing tree stumps

Tree stumps can be unsightly and at times, dangerous. If you have a stump on your property, from a dead, fallen or cut tree, stump grinding is the process that removes that unwanted stump. That’s why eliminating stumps is a crucial element of effective tree care and maintenance.

  1. Improve aesthetics and regain space

Tree stumps can ruin the look of a nice, neat garden if left. Getting rid of them will immediately improve the appearance of your whole property. This will also raise the overall value and visual appeal. In addition to aesthetics, space is also an important issue, especially if your garden is smaller.

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  1. Avoid accidents

While a stump may not seem dangerous, it can be a significant trip hazard for anyone. This is especially a problem with senior citizens and small children. Removing the stump is not only necessary for security for yourself and your family, it also eliminates the possibility of accidents related to the stumps that could cost you a lot of money. For advice from a Tree Surgeon Essex, visit a site like Benchmark, a leading Tree Surgeon Essex.

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  1. Protect against diseases and pests

A tree stump on your property may look harmless, but they can be a breeding ground for a lot of pests or unwanted diseases. Insects and other pests can take up residence in this stump. Not removing a stump gives insects plenty of opportunity to settle in and proliferate. The stumps of trees often die from disease. Removing the stump can prevent the spread of disease from tree stumps to nearby healthy trees.

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