The best glassware for beer and cider might not have thought that the glass your beer or cider is served in can make much difference to your enjoyment of the drink, but some people think this is much more important than we realise. Serving every different beer and cider in the same boringly-shaped glass is becoming a thing of the past, with more appropriate glassware regularly being used to enhance flavour.

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When cider is served in an ugly pint glass, the drinker may be encouraged to gulp it down with little regard to the flavour. Different ciders can vary in the amount of acidity they have, their texture and body, and the tannins present. All these aspects make a difference to the drink; however, they are often not appreciated due to the way in which they are served. If you are serving cider as an accompaniment to a meal, it is important to select the right glass.

As ciders are acidic and contain tannins, they are best served in a wine glass. A dry cider is best served in a tall, slim wine glass with a narrow rim and medium-sized bowl, which will enhance the aromas and balance the acidity of the drink, while a sweeter cider will benefit from being presented in a wine glass with a wider rim and rounder bowl to smooth the tannins.


According to an article in the Telegraph, many beers now have their own custom-made glasses. Although this could be seen simply as a marketing ploy, Jane Peyton, the UK’s first Beer Sommelier of the Year, maintains that the taste can definitely be affected by the shape of the glass.

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The cleanliness of glasses is paramount, with commercial glass washers needed to ensure that hygiene is upheld.
If you drink beer from a glass with a narrow-mouthed rim, you are more likely to sip it. This means that the front and sides of the tongue encounter the beer first, so the sweetness and acidity register. If the beer is served in a glass with a wide-mouthed rim, drinkers are encouraged to glug it, meaning that it encounters the back of the tongue and bitterness registers.

Choosing the best glassware for drinks is more important than you think.

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