The benefits of car leasing over ownership.

When I got my very first car my Father sagely said to me “You’ll always have your hand in your pocket paying for something”. He wasn’t wrong and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to run a car what with servicing, road tax, and the rising cost of fuel. Is it maybe time then to look at car leasing Cheltenham, Glasgow, Cardiff or anywhere you’re based rather than actually buying one used or new. If you are interested her is a quick guide to what leasing can offer.

Leasing is one thing to look at if you’d like a nicer car that is more in the luxury or sports range but you cannot afford to pay outright or the finance. Choosing this way you can look at a whole lot of options that usually would not be in your price range. The other initial advantage is that you might not need to put down a deposit, which can be a struggle for anyone looking to purchase a car. All that initial outlay is usually a considerable amount.  That is not to say they won’t be any fees. There might possibly be some registration fees, but they are never as high as the deposit required.

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If you’re lucky to buy a car out right, well done! But the rest of us usually have to pay for things monthly. One of the largest expenses could be a car loan repayment but a lease payment is likely to be quite a lot lower. As you never actually own the car during the lease period nor are you buying it, the point of the payment is to cover the costs of the lease. The payment is agreed at the beginning and you’ll find that most lease terms last for 2 to 4 years. At least that extra case will give you the chance to fill it up more.

If you’ve ever had to go through the fun of taxing a car, and in the old days that meant finding a post office and digging out your documents, then you’ll know that the direct debit system is a godsend. It’s even better news with car leasing; as we’ve said before, you never own the car so the tax is paid for by the leasing company.  You do need to make sure you keep up to date with your payments (but then you knew that already…). At least it’s something that you don’t need to be worrying about.

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Running a car is an eye watering expense at the best of times so it’s very nice to know that all of the maintenance is taken care of by the lease payment. You do need to keep up with the services, it’s your responsibility, but it’s really nice to know that any issues will be taken care of. Why not follow the link and take a look.

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