Stylish cocktail ideas for your wedding

Your wedding is the happiest day of your life, and for your guests, the bar is an important part. Nothing says celebration like a cocktail, and there are plenty of original showstopping mixes around.

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Cocktails may be overlooked when planning a wedding, but they’re not just to drink; they also set the tone for the evening. Whether you’re saying “I do” in the scorching summer or in a winter wonderland, these cocktails are the epitome of wedded bliss. One great idea is to have a series of portable bars like those provided by

Elegant Weddings

It’s all about tiny touches of class when giving your wedding an elegant essence. Cocktails should be simple yet add to the theme of the occasion.

St Germain: This cocktail is made with lime, white cranberry juice, and vodka. It’s a simple cocktail that is perfect for a white wedding.

Martini: Your guests will be shaken and stirred by this all-time classic. Black olives can be added to create the classic black-and-white look.

Strawberry Cachaca: This pretty cocktail combines cane sugar, muddled strawberries, and cachaca. It’s similar to rum, with a sweet and fruity taste.

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Elderflower White Cosmopolitan: The name itself embodies chic style. Take a cosmopolitan, add elderflowers and you’ve got the perfect mix.

Spring and Summer Stunners

Typically taking place in outdoor settings, weddings of this style should provide cold, fun and fruity cocktail choices.

Watermelon Refresher: Vodka, basil, lime, and watermelon are combined to create this stimulating cocktail.

Champagne: It’s a favourite for all occasions, but adding fruit to the mix creates a summer feel. For spring weddings, add a sprig of lavender.

Mojito: This is one of the classics and a contender for the most exhilarating cocktail. Try adding blueberries to enhance the taste.

Pineapple Rum Punch: This is perfect for outdoor weddings, and the tropical combinations are sure to get everyone in the party mood.

Winter Warmers

Winter weddings typically take place inside, and finding a Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue that suits your requirements can be tricky. Hotel venues can advise and accommodate you for all of your wedding needs and provide a sophisticated setting.

Peppermint Love: Coffee liquor is combined with peppermint to give guests a flavorsome energy boost.

Coco Snowball: The combinations of vanilla vodka, rum, and Blue Curacao are delicious. Frosted with coconut shavings, it’s perfect for a winter treat.

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