Some Men’s Clothing Essentials

Fashion is constantly evolving, and as the seasons change and trends come and go, it can be difficult to remain ahead of the cyclical crazes.

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However, there are some essentials that never go out of fashion especially if your planning a night out with a Stag Party Bus Cheltenham company with all your mates.  Ensure you have a great night out and take lots of pictures in your stylish clothing.

1. Light Bomber Jacket

A good bomber jacket can be the perfect companion throughout the seasons. Choose a jacket made from cotton which is loose and light and will be perfect during the summer and layered up during the winter.

2. Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans

Different denim fits and washes change each season, but sticking to a classic slim-fit style in indigo is the most flattering and versatile option.

3. Grey Sweatshirt

With style icons such as Paul Newman and Elvis photographed wearing the grey sporty sweatshirt looking fresh, trendy and stylish, even by today’s standards, you should add this timeless classic to your wardrobe.

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4. Crewneck T-Shirts in a Variety of Solid Colours

With suits becoming increasingly absent in offices, there is a high chance that you wear t-shirts more than other shirt.

It is wise to opt for the highest-quality t-shirts you can afford in a range of colours. Grey, black, navy and white are all good starting points for your wardrobe.

5. White Dress Shirt

A white shirt is a staple in every man’s wardrobe and suits a myriad of different occasions and events. Whether worn with a double-breasted blazer or a stylish wool grey suit, a white dress shirt matches them all. This shirt also provides the perfect blank canvas for any tie.

6. Single-Breasted Suit

When choosing a suit, no two-piece is more versatile than a notch-lapel, slim-fit suit in a navy or grey colour. Both shades provide maximum flexibility and will comfortably match most ties and shirts available.

The smooth simplicity of this suit permits it to serve almost all dress codes, from the workplace to a wedding.

7. Smart Black Shoes

Smart black shoes are often relegated to a purely workwear item, but a great pair of shoes can work well with casual outfits.

Choose a shoe with a slightly chunky sole in a fairly classic design, but opt for something with a bit of unique style and personality to ensure it looks as good on your time off as it does at work.

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