Rodents in your roof? You need to get it fixed!

Hearing scratching or unusual noises coming from your roof or loft space? Then you could have some unwelcome guests who aren’t paying rent! It could be mice, rats or nesting birds that are causing the disturbance so what can you do to identify and solve the pest problem? It can happen to any home but you’ll lessen the chances by being careful and taking some preventative measures.


Go up into your roof space and see if there are any holes in the brickwork, the roof itself, floorboards or skirting boards. Any holes, even if they appear very small are the perfect access points for a range of small furry creatures like squirrels, mice and rats. For a damaged roof, think about Evesham Flat Roofing and visit

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What you leave in storage could be five-star luxury furnishings for some animals. Items such as mattresses, old sofas and even rubbish piles left in gardens or loft spaces provide the perfect nesting spot for small burrowing creatures. The consequences of an overgrown or messy garden include greater access to the walls and roof space of your home for pests to get really settled.


Both rats and mice can spread disease through their droppings and urine, cause damage to furniture and soft furnishings and even chew through electrical wires. This is a danger that nobody wants to deal with as it runs the risk of electrocution and fire. If you need to use traps or poison, make sure you are confident, follow the instructions and keep well away from children and pets. If you find evidence of a rat infestation, call a pest control firm or the local council.


Squirrels can create big problems and lots of damage to roof spaces and lofts. They like nothing better than ripping off insulation, tearing up stored items and damaging pipes. They can also chew through cabling and wires. Any missing roof tiles or bricks must be replaced and until they are, wire mesh will keep them out. Grey squirrels are not protected but remember that if you have red squirrels in your loft, you must not harm them as they are a protected species.

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Bees and Wasps

Whilst having a nest in your loft or eaves presents a danger through swarming and stinging, bees and wasps won’t generally cause any structural damage.


A regular sight in urban areas, pigeons can cause serious damage to roofing materials when nothing is done about a build-up of their droppings. The droppings have a high acid content, wearing the material away and eventually causing leaks. The life span of a roof actually halves when pigeons nest on it. They also tend to nest in guttering, corners and drains which causes water blockages, decreased drainage and even roof collapse in some cases. There are numerous solutions to rid your roof of these pests including birth control, adding metal or wood sheathing at 60-degree angles, bird wires and even mild electric shock. You’ll need to consult a professional firm for any of these measures.

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