Rocking at the Dominion

London is a great holiday destination.  As the UK’s capital, it poses a host of opportunities: there are a seemingly inexhaustible amount of things to see and to do.  Not limited to being one of the most exciting countries in the UK, London is one of the greatest places to holiday in the whole of Europe.  So instead of stressing yourself out by navigating your way to foreign shores, why not explore those within easy, accessible reach?  London is a great opportunity for a holiday that everyone will enjoy, such is its wide scope for providing entertainment.

London is famous for many things, but perhaps one of it’s most well-known aspects is its acclaimed community of theatres.  In London’s West End you will find the perfect destination for a week away.  It is in this famed part of the UK capital that you will find all the theatrical entertainment that you could possibly desire.  Every night countless theatres show prestigious productions of well-loved musicals, plays, operas and ballets.  It’s not a question of what to see: it’s a question of what you want to go to!

There aren’t many of types of holidays that beat a well-booked city break.  There are such a huge amount of amazing things going on that you won’t be able to decide on just one.  So reserve yourself seats to a number of shows and let the showbiz excitement whisk you away.

Rocking at the Dominion

Of all of these types of theatre, the most thrilling and popular of all is certainly musical.  With singing, dancing, humour, sadness, and infectiously catchy songs, the genre of the musical has claimed the heart of a great deal of the Western world.

In London, you will be spoilt for choice.  All the great shows are there.  Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, is, of course, a staple choice: its combination of a tragic, gothic story with truly stirring songs has broken many a heart since it began its premiere.  Still going as strong as ever, this is definitely something to check out.

Another popular musical to look in on is Chicago, an equally dark treat that sizzles with sumptuous, jazz-tinted music to conjure up a picture of the darker side of American show business.

But one choice that you should definitely not miss out on is the acclaimed musical We Will Rock You, a collaborative effort between respected comedian Ben Elton and the legendary rock band Queen.  It tells of a futuristic society where rock and roll are banned by a totalitarians regime with a taste for electronica.  Now showing at the lavish Dominion Theatre, make sure you get yourself some tickets to this awesome show when you head to London.

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