Problems with Septic Tanks

Nobody, whether homeowner or business wants to deal with a damaged septic tank or overflow. Out of sight and out of mind is the best way to describe how a septic tank should be. However, if you experience a nasty smell or toilets don’t function like they used to, you could well have an issue.

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As another part of your home, septic tanks require regular maintenance to keep them working effectively. If they are not maintained properly, the following warning signs may present themselves:

Gurgling noise coming from the plumbing system

Water and sewage from the drains, sinks and toilets back up into the property

Stench around the septic tank and drain field

Damp spots or standing water near the septic tank

Bright green, full grass growing around the septic tank area even in summer

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What problem is most common?

Lack of maintenance

It is important that your septic tank is pumped and emptied regularly. Some of the tanks need to be emptied once a year. A professional company can pump, empty and clean up your tank and perform essential maintenance and repair. For Septic Tank Emptying Bromsgrove, visit a site like BSA Environmental, a provider of Septic Tank Emptying Bromsgrove.

Land movement

A slight movement of the ground around the septic tank can put a huge amount of pressure on the tank, potentially leading to fractures and cracks in the walls. Which can lead to two problems:

The septic tanks can back up and must be emptied more often.

If groundwater enters the septic tank through the cracks, the tank will no longer be able to separate liquid from solid waste effectively.

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