Motivating Your Staff Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Keeping your team motivated is important for any business, so here are ten ideas that could help.

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Take Them Out for Lunch

A brilliant way of raising morale and encouraging your staff to work as a team is to take them out to lunch – perhaps for a pizza. Make it something for them to look forward to by planning the lunch at least a week ahead.

Praise Them Publicly

Praising your staff for something they have done well in front of their colleagues can really give their self-esteem a boost.

After-Work Drinks

This is a common way of team-building, but it does not have to mean drinking to excess. Why not try a different activity such as paintballing where you can all have fun together?

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Training Together

External training courses provided by HR outsourcing services can show your staff that you believe in them and are happy to fund their professional development. When they return, they can be encouraged to share what they have learned with the rest of the team.

Fun on a Friday

A monthly joint activity, perhaps on a Friday afternoon, that is fun for all the team will build morale and keep staff motivated. Award team prizes and keep the mood light.

Additional Responsibility

Be prepared to give a team member additional responsibility when you recognise that they are ready. Giving them development opportunities will show that you are aware of their potential.

Job Titles

An improved job title can mean a lot to a staff member and does not need to cost you anything. It can also affect how they are perceived by their colleagues. HR advice and support is available from companies such as

Always Show Integrity

It is important to demonstrate integrity and always support your staff. Team morale can quickly be destroyed by a boss who plays one team member off against another and does not have the trust of their staff.

Show Flexibility

Your staff are only human, and they may need to take time off at short notice. Trying to accommodate their needs will pay dividends in terms of morale and motivation. For information about employees’ rights see the ACAS website.

Set Clear Goals

If your staff know exactly what you expect from them, they are more likely to work towards meeting the goals.

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