Mother of the Bride style inspiration from celebrity weddings

It can be difficult for any mother of the bride to select the perfect outfit. Choosing a style that is flattering, elegant and appropriate which will look good in the all-important photographs is a hard task for any woman, but when your daughter just happens to be famous then the question of what to wear becomes even more difficult.

For most of us only close family members and friends will ever see the photographic evidence of the wedding, but when it comes to celebrity weddings photographs are widely available for years after the event. The pressure is amplified by the sheer volume of press coverage, making it even more important to strike exactly the right note.  Professional Photographers don’t have to be just for the celebs out there, Hampshire wedding photographer offers an array of packages for almost everyone.

Mother of the Bride style inspiration from celebrity weddings
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Celebrity Mothers of the bride want to look their best for the photographers, but organise their outfits with mixed results. We’ve chosen two celebrity mother of the bride outfits to illustrate the best and the worst of celebrity wedding style.

Mother of the bride success

One mother of the bride who managed to strike exactly the right note is Carol Middleton. The mother of our future Queen understood that the eyes of the world would be on her and, despite an apparent last-minute change in her planned outfit, she played it perfectly.

According to the Daily Mail Mrs Middleton was impeccably turned out in her pastel blue Catherine Walker coat and dress ensemble. Accessories were well-chosen and added to her sophisticated and elegant look.

Anyone seeking to emulate the elegant and sophisticated look of Carol Middleton should take a look at wedding blogs and beauty magazines for inspiration.  Packed with styling tips and advice, these places have plenty of suggestions for creating the perfect look without upstaging the bride.

Mother of the bride failure

When TV reality star Kim Kardashian married US rapper Kanye West, the resulting media frenzy almost rivalled that of our most recent Royal Wedding. Many of the resulting column inches lambasted Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, for her choice of a white, cleavage-baring gown. The Mail labelled her dress choice as ‘immodest’.

No bride wants to be upstaged by her own mother – or her future mother-in-law – on what is meant to be the happiest day of her life, so it’s important to spend time choosing the perfect outfit.

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