Keeping the Wedding Costs Down

Weddings can quickly spiral out of control, costing thousands upon thousands. Savvy couples are finding clever ways to keep costs down, so they can have a frugal (but not cheap) stylish wedding. Here are some top tips for getting more for less:

Choose an out of season date

The peak wedding months are the summer – June, July and August – so avoiding these can save you a fortune. Avoiding a Saturday is another sure way of paying less for your big day. For example, a Friday wedding in March could see you spending significantly less than a Saturday in July.

DIY invitations 

Getting crafty is not only fun but could help you save enormously. Choosing a professionally made invitation can cost well over £5 per invite, so it makes sense to try the do-it-yourself approach. Not only will the invitations mean more to the recipients, but they’ll cost you a lot less to make.

High street wedding dress

This is quite possibly the most important decision for any wedding but remember that the ideal dress doesn’t have to mean the priciest. Many high street retailers have got in the budget wedding theme, offering some stunning and stylish designs at highly competitive prices. Even some supermarkets have entered the bridal market.

Reduce the guest list 

It might seem ruthless, but you should avoid over-inflating the guest numbers and only invite those closest and dearest to you. This can potentially save you hundreds in food and drink. This also makes for a far more intimate occasion where you can spend time with every one of your guests.

Book a DJ

Whilst it might be tempting to hire that harpist or live band for the evening entertainment, this will cost you a pretty penny. Booking a DJ is easier, cheaper and they will offer a much wider variety of music choice, having something for everyone. For a top Wedding DJ Gloucestershire, visit

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Consider unique food options

You don’t have to have a sit-down three-course meal. Why not consider cheaper options such as ordering in bulk from a favourite Chinese or Indian takeaway? Perhaps you could offer giant pizzas, a smaller buffet or even a BBQ instead?


Reduce the cake size

Do you really need a multiple-tiered masterpiece? Either go smaller, get someone you know to bake one or forget the wedding cake idea altogether and supply cupcakes instead. Cupcakes stacked in attractive displays can be just as impressive.

Fake it with the flowers

The cost of fresh flowers soon adds up once you’ve factored in table decorations, bride and bridesmaid bouquets, corsages etc. Cheaper options include choosing silk flowers, making your own decorations from crepe paper, fabric flowers or choosing cheaper real flowers. Swapping roses for flowers like Gerber daisies and Carnations can save you a good wad of cash. Alternatively, if you still want to splash out on the bridal bouquet, choose the cheaper flowers for decorations and go for something a little more special for the bouquet.

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