How to Select Asphalt Paving Contractors with 3 Questions

Recently we bought a new house and the dirt driveway just did not cut it. We had to put in a driveway and found outputting in an asphalt driveway was much cheaper than a concrete one. Therefore, we decided that was the way to go. After much hard work, we discovered there were three things everyone should ask asphalt paving contractors.

Question #1 Are You Licensed & Insured? This is the very first question you need to ask. If they do not have a license or insurance then do not even bother with them. Even if the state does not require it, move on to the next person. You want someone with both license and insurance in case something goes wrong. A license tells you they know what they are doing and insurance protects you and them in case someone gets hurt.

Question #2 Water Drainage? The contractor should have a good plan on how the water will drain once the driveway is put in. Water pooling in the driveway or worse backing up into the house can cause serious damage. Our neighbor found this out the hard way when he hired unlicensed contractors and woke up after a heavy rain with two inches of water in the garage.

Question #3 What is Your Plan for Clean Up? It needs to be understood from the beginning that a mess will not be tolerated. It also needs to be put in writing the company will be held responsible for all damage and clean up of the surrounding area including neighbor’s yards. There should not be any extra charge for the clean up as the contractors need to keep their area clean as they work.

Once you ask these questions, you will know whom to pick. Asphalt paving contractors are easy to deal with once you know the tricks of the trade. Now my best tip I saved for last. Drive around and ask around your neighborhood. When you see a new asphalt driveway stop and ask about their experience. Good or bad, they can share tips on what happened and you can learn from their recent experience.

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