How to Revive a Tired Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking for your family, why not make your kitchen a place where you can all spend time together? Upgrading your kitchen adds value to your home, so even though you’ll spend a little money making improvements, the return on your investment can be significant.

Following are some ways you can make your kitchen feel like it’s brand new.

Install fresh flooring

If you live in an older home, odds are your kitchen flooring is a bit beat-up. There are many flooring options for kitchens these days – hardwood, bamboo, laminate and even cork. You can still find linoleum or vinyl, but for a fresh, modern look, you can’t go wrong with bamboo floors.

Refinish cabinets

Replacing all the cabinetry in a kitchen can cost about as much as an economy car, but you can refinish your cabinets for much less – probably under $1,000.

If your cabinets are in good shape but just need a little freshening up, you can repaint them. But if you prefer the look of wood and your cabinets are scuffed and scratched, you can use peel-and-stick veneer to make your cabinets look new again.

Upgrade appliances

If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for appliances, you may be surprised to see what features they offer now. You can outfit your kitchen with appliances that rival what you’d find in many restaurant kitchens – like a double-oven range, or a stainless steel refrigerator with French doors. (Tip: Shop scratch-and-dent sales to save big money on new appliances).

Add entertainment

Have you ever been cooking a meal while trying to keep an eye on your favorite show or a great football game playing on the TV in the living room? When you have a TV in the kitchen, you don’t have to worry about missing a moment, and it may make it easier to get kids to eat at the table.

Because lighting in a kitchen is generally brighter than in other areas of your home, an LED TV is a good choice – its deep blacks and crisp colors won’t lose any richness in a bright kitchen.

In and around the sink

Faucet fixtures lose their shine over time and need to be replaced. Replacing your faucet and sink can instantly make your kitchen look newer. And you can set off your new sink and hardware with a new countertop. Stone, tile or granite countertops are durable and fashionable. But much like cabinetry, a new granite countertop can be quite expensive. If that’s the look you want, try using imitation granite sheeting to cover your current countertop.

Kitchens can end up looking bland when they’re full of matching wood cabinetry and floors, but you can add visual interest and a pop of color by including a tile backsplash.

However you go about remodeling your kitchen, make sure the end result will be as functional as it is fashionable. You need to be able to move about freely, with plenty of counter space for food preparation. And if you can’t afford the latest and greatest appliances and furnishings, remodel in phases, focusing on the most important updates first.

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